Tuesday, December 16, 2008

When Essence weeps

When no words are left unspoken.
and no deed is left undone.
When promises are broken,
and all your trusting’s gone.

When truth no longer keeps.
it’s place among the lies.
This is when essence weeps.
... this is when essence cries.
Inspired by Elias: "the lack of choice, the lack of your allowance of choice and denying choice to yourself, is so very contrary to the movement in natural flow of essence and of consciousness that this be the one expression that shall cause essence to weep"

Monday, December 8, 2008

Mirroring Self

No anchor, no island shore ...
a state of mind and nothing more

Doors as wide as the sea ...
None on the other side, but me

Timedrops in silent flow ...
mirrors, mirrors in a row

one by one I look and find ...
. a reflection of my mind .

Questions too light to bear ...
None to listen, None to care

A journey to find Her .. (a Sinai mountains trek)

I began my journey to find her,
deep into the heart of hearts
Single-minded I pursued her,
to the exclusion of all else
But with each adamant footstep,
she further eluded my eager grasp

On the first day I grew frantic
going North, then south, then following the sun
With eyes tightly closed against the light,
I left no stone unturned,
yet, the more stubborn she did become

With waning strength, I sought her still
In temples unknown
In the nameless shapes of mountains
In the shadows and the light
But she would not oblige me
And I returned, beaten and tired, frustrated and alone

And in the suffocating closeness of that first night,
I gathered what morsels of energy were left me,
only to face my failure
In the absolute stillness of a dark and dismal night
alone, and sleepless, I licked my painful wounds of defeat

On that second morning,
my heavy heart surrendered to those first rays of the sun
And seeing my sorry state, it shone brighter, for me alone
and with it’s warmth embraced my plight
My soul, naked, took refuge in it’s cloak of light
I fed, hungrily, on the welcome gifts it unveiled
And in my loneliness made welcome company of the wind
I walked without direction,
Sang without a tune
Slowly, shyly, behind their veil of silence,
the mountains softly joined in the silent refrain
The rhythm grew stronger with every step
filling every peak and valley of my trek

As the sun reluctantly parted my company,
I began to build my home
Made my walls of the darkness it left behind
An eternal ceiling of the stars it scattered in it’s wake
A floor of solid Bedouin lore
And windows through my heart

And that night, I slept soundly,
to the forgotten tune
A whispered melody,
of nameless creatures of the night
With the valley for a cradle
And my pillow filled with the gentler memories of the day

On the third day of my journey,
I left my search, my cares behind
And enlightened of the burden,
trod lightly, sprightly on my path
And, in my most unassuming moment,
lo and behold! She came to me unasked

With open arms she welcomed me
With not wrath, nor judgment in her heart
But silently fell in step beside me
And kept me in good company,
till I reached my mark

Sunday, December 7, 2008

the Bell

The bell tolls.
Hence comes the hour,
in all its fearful symmetry

The bell tolls.
Whence at the peak,
life’s ironic geometry

The bell tolls.
And counting, calculates,
the sum of all your years

The bell tolls.
Its deafening beat,
marking your soundless fears

The bell tolls.
It’s silent tremor,
seeking those beyond the wall

The bell tolls.
And promptly you gather,
and in your company you fall

The bell tolls.
Whence you celebrate,
the duality of Life’s power

The bell tolls ...
and having tolled,
marks your deepest darkest hour